My Approach

We are entering an era where the past is not a reliable measure of what’s emerging.

I guide pioneers — leaders, groups and organizations who are committed to taking risks, experimenting, learning and growing as we co-create a more peaceful, just and sustainable world.

I guide you, your team and your organization to:

  • Get clear about your purpose, embody it and bring it to life.
  • Align your thoughts, words and actions with your deepest values and clear intent.
  • Identify and transcend whatever holds you back from living your fullest potential.
  • Have positive impact — even when things are moving fast, situations are complex, and there are few easy answers.
  • Build trust across multiple, diverse stakeholders
  • Strengthen your strategy, performance and vitality
  • Be more creative and less reactive, especially under pressure
  • Navigate crises and have difficult conversations
  • Break patterns and habits that seem stuck
  • Overcome overwhelm, make wiser decisions, and navigate change in today’s volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world

I draw from a deep well of experience, and ask you to not take my word on anything. I will guide you — and encourage you to experiment and try things out for yourself, to find your own truth.

We are entering an era where there are many questions and few easy answers. To guide the way, I drawn on seven values, which orient my choices every day. Some of these are inspired by the Brazilian humanitarian leader Sri Prem Baba whose teachings (along with others’) help me to be a better human. End of the day, I believe that great leadership involves being the best human that we can possibly be.

  1. Honesty. Recognizing and skillfully sharing our thoughts and feelings in ways that foster greater awareness, growth and transparency. Owning our projections and transferences. Having the courage to look at our shadow, with great compassion, as a path to accepting others.
  2. Self-responsibility. Remembering that we are always where we put ourselves. In other words, we create our own realities — and the very roots of our problems and conflict reside within us. Maturity comes when we are able to take responsibility for all of our experience and fully participate in life. Self-responsibility is the foundation, the backbone, that sustains transformation.
  3. Respect. Assuming that, as humans, we tend to do the best that we know how. Remembering that we all have good reasons to behave as we do. Respecting that we can never truly understand what it is like to be in another person’s body, with their unique DNA, background and experiences.
  4. Integrity.  Doing as we say we are going to do. Aligning our thoughts, words and actions as we move through life. Honoring that the practice of our values — how we bring them to life — is more important than the words themselves.
  5. Humility. Being connected with our earth. Checking our egos at the door, remembering that anything that we can see in others, we have in ourselves. We are not our personalities, we are not our conditioning. A greater force moves through us. Our job is to be in service to that greater force, to life.
  6. Compassion. Compassion, for me, means recognizing that we are in it together. We are not separate. And it includes service — living a “vertically-oriented” life that is anchored in one’s values and natural wisdom. It invokes a confidence that doesn’t rely on others to feel secure. It means offering our gifts and talents in a truly altruistic way, expecting nothing in return. I believe that when we live from a deep place of compassion, we naturally become more prosperous — and less dependent on external references for our own inner happiness.
  7. Beauty. When these values activate in concert, beauty naturally emerges and we become a source of inspiration and reconnection for others.


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