My Approach

I guide pioneers — leaders, groups and organizations who are committed to evolving, growing and co-creating a better world. We are entering an era where the past is not a reliable measure of what’s to come. I am dedicated to helping you have greater impact when things are moving fast, situations are complex, and there are few easy answers.

Drawing on over 30 years of experience, I cover a wide territory with clients, helping you, your team and your organization to:

  • Be more strategic
  • Get clear about your purpose and align your actions towards outcomes that matter
  • Build trust across multiple, diverse stakeholders
  • Strengthen your performance and vitality
  • Be more creative and less reactive, especially under pressure
  • Navigate crises and have difficult conversations
  • Cultivate cultures — with clear strategies and processes — that unleash your people’s talent and creativity
  • Break patterns and habits that seem stuck
  • Overcome overwhelm, make wiser decisions, and navigate change in today’s Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) world

As we work together:

  • I work a lot in the present moment, where change happens. History matters — and when we reference too much in the past, it can distort the way forward.
  • I often surface beliefs and assumptions — yours, your team’s and your organization’s — to create shared understanding and mitigate unnecessary conflict. I have a reputation for both:
    • Creating a safe environment to experiment, learn and grow, and
    • Being candid about what I see.
  • I believe that individuals, groups, and organizations all have a core purpose and mission that evolves over time – something important to bring into the world. I work with you to get clear about next steps.
  • We bring attention to core patterns and themes. What is working well, that we can expand? What do you really want? What will having that do for you? And what stops you? Where problems exist, we go to the roots.
  • I draw from a deep well of experience, and encourage you to not take my word, but to try things out for yourself.

We are entering an era where there are many questions and few easy answers. We are in it together as we step boldly forward!

Last ~

Eight values shape my work and orient my choices every day. I have adapted the first six from my core teacher, Sri Prem Baba. he sees these values as pathways towards a new level of consciousness in our society. As I practice them daily, I am beginning to really understand their collective power.

  1. Honesty. Recognizing and skillfully admitting our thoughts and feelings (owning our projections and transferences) in ways that foster greater awareness, growth and transparency. Having the courage to look at our shadow, and the compassion to accept it, as a path to accepting others.
  2. Self-responsibility. Remembering that we are always where we put ourselves. In other words, we create our own realities — and the very roots of our problems and conflict reside within us. Maturity comes when we are able to take responsibility for all of our experience and fully participate in life. Self-responsibility is the foundation, the backbone, that sustains transformation.
  3. Kindness. Kindness, for me, begins with the self. It means being understanding, gentle and patient with self — and, from that place, extending the same quality-of-being towards others. It means being genuinely curious about others’ maps of the world — suspending our beliefs and assumptions. It means seeing and owning our projections, light and dark, with empathy, and remembering that we are in it together. And it means pausing before reacting, to be in relationship with whatever life is unveiling in the moment.
  4. Dedication. Dedication, for me, means being clear about purpose, watching as it adapts and unfolds, and continually renewing commitment. It means watching for synchronicities — being receptive to what emerges — and also focusing, being clear about intent, and making things happen. It means pull oneself up and continuing whenever the going gets tough.  “Dedication is synonymous with willpower, one of the great powers of the human soul.”
  5. Service. “Service means altruism, which is a synonym of pure love.” Service, to me, means being “vertically-oriented” in life, acting out of wisdom, compassion and a natural confidence that doesn’t rely on others to feel secure. It means offering our gifts and talents in a truly altruistic way, expecting nothing in return. When this happens, we naturally become more prosperous — and less dependent on external references for our own inner happiness.
  6. Beauty. Beauty is an expression of the essence that inhabits each one of us, a fruit of awakening consciousness. It is not the beauty of the advertising industry, but an appreciation of beauty in all aspects of life. When these values activate in concert, beauty naturally emerges and we become a source of inspiration and reconnection for others.

For me, a foundation of these values is integrity and respect. That is:

  • Doing our best to align our thoughts, words and actions as we move through life.
  • Assuming that I and others are doing the very best that we know how — and remembering that we all have good reasons to behave as we do.
  • Respecting that we all have a unique language for describing what is important to us. And that we can never truly understand what it is like to be in another person’s body, with their unique DNA, background and experiences.
  • Honoring that the practice of these values is much more important than the words themselves.


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