My Approach

I work shoulder-to-shoulder with clients. I have learned that my gift is helping people to tap and trust their inner wisdom. With compassionate clarity, I deeply listen, mirror and reflect, guiding you to see both your unique gifts and deep patterns.

I witness clients developing stronger presence, authenticity, awareness, resilience, confidence and relationships. They become more effective as they align with their natural power. They become better leaders, of themselves and others, as they navigate change in complex systems.

I draw from a deep well of experience, while also asking people to not take my word on anything. I guide — and encourage you to experiment and try things out for yourself, to find your own truth.

Seven values serve to orient my inner compass and guide my choices. They help me to be a better human.

  1. Honesty. Recognizing and skillfully sharing thoughts and feelings in ways that foster greater awareness, growth and transparency. Owning my experience, as well as my projections and transferences. Having the courage to look at my shadow, with great compassion, as a path to accepting self and others.
  2. Self-responsibility. Remembering that I am always where I put myself. In other words, I believe that, while external things may happen to us, we create our own realities and experience of situations. The very source of my problems and conflict reside within me. And I always have choice to shift how I relate to circumstances. I believe that maturity comes when we are able to take responsibility for how we experience situations. When we fully participate in life. I see self-responsibility as the foundation, the backbone, that sustains transformation.
  3. Respect. Respecting that I can never truly understand what it is like to be in another person’s body, with their unique DNA, background and experiences. And that, as humans, we tend to do the best that we know how. In other words, we all have good reasons for behaving as we do. And we are also in choice. As adults, we have agency to become more self-aware, shift our actions, and understand our impact.
  4. Integrity.  Doing as I say I am going to do. Aligning my thoughts, words and actions as I move through life. Honoring that the practice of values — how I bring them to life — is more important than the words themselves.
  5. Humility. Being connected with the earth. Checking my ego at the door, remembering that anything that I can see in others, I have in myself. We are not our personalities, we are not our conditioning. A greater force moves through us. Our job is to be in service to that greater force, to life.
  6. Compassion. Compassion, for me, means recognizing that we are in it together. We are not separate. Anything that I see in others is a reflection of myself. Compassion involves understanding — extending a hand to those around us. It includes service that is anchored in values and natural wisdom. It invokes a clarity of heart, thought and action that doesn’t rely on others to feel secure. It means offering gifts and talents in a truly altruistic way, expecting nothing in return. I believe that when we live from a deep place of compassion, we naturally become more prosperous — and less dependent on external references for our own inner happiness.
  7. Beauty. When these values activate in concert, beauty naturally emerges and we become a source of inspiration and connection for others. We have greater access to the beauty that is always around us, when we choose to see it and take it in.


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