Embodying Leadership Under Pressure ~ Level 1

More then ever before, we need wise, skillful leadership, in every domain of life: our work, our families, our communities. We need you.

Whether you’re a professional, a parent, an active member of society — are you the leader that you know you are capable of being? What happens when you’re under pressure?

At some point, we all lose our capacity to respond skillfully — with our family, partners, colleagues, neighbors and strangers:

  • We say things we regret
  • We lose sight of the big picture
  • We push others too hard
  • We avoid conflict
  • We go quiet, let others pull us along
  • We ignore our core values

Each of us has deeply embedded patterns — especially in our interactions with others. You know the scenario. We get stressed. Something triggers us. And we react, falling into the same old pattern. How does that happen? We can analyze why we behave as we do … criticize ourselves endlessly … and swear we’ll do better next time! And yet the pattern repeats. If we could change ourselves with our minds alone, we would!

Is it possible to shift our deepest reactions, without years of therapy? Yes. Through the body.

This experiential workshop offers you practices and tools to become aware of your unconscious patterns under pressure — and truly shift them.

You will learn how to:

  • Handle stressful situations with greater ease and skill
  • Be less reactive and more creative
  • Get clear about your truth and express it cleanly
  • Become aware of what your body is communicating under pressure
  • Listen more fully to others
  • Expand your natural presence, resilience, empowerment, wisdom and compassion
  • Embody leadership

This workshop draws on the latest research in neuroscience. It is designed for anyone who experiences pressure when relating with some aspect of life.

Leadership Embodiment (LE) draws on the traditions of mindfulness and Aikido, a revolutionary non-aggressive martial art that offers simple yet deep techniques that help you recognize how your mind and body habitually react to pressure. It was created by Wendy Palmer, who holds a sixth degree blackbelt and has practiced mindfulness for 45 years. She is author of two books, The Intuitive Body and The Practice of Freedom.

The cost of this workshop is $395 if you register before Nov 24, 2016.
The cost is $450 thereafter.
A payment plan is available.

Limited spots will be made available. This workshop will fill up quickly.
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Your spot will be confirmed once payment is made.

Robin Athey has 30 years of experience as a somatic and ontological coach, consultant, facilitator and thought leader. Her organizational clients have included ABB, Microsoft, Banco Santander, Eli Lilly, Fujitsu and Girl Scouts USA. Her coaching clients have included senior executives, entrepreneurs, scientists, consultants and a former head-of-state. For 9 years, she led global research at Deloitte on the human aspects of organizational effectiveness. She has been a Fellow at Harvard and worked in 28 countries.

Robin integrates LE, Hakomi, Somatic Experiencing, Sensorimotor Therapy, NLP, the Enneagram and other coaching, team and group modalities to help people navigate change — and fully step into their leadership, purpose and unique gifts and talents. She has been a committed practitioner of meditation and yoga for 20 years. She lives in the U.S., Brazil and India.

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