Organizations are a powerful force of change on the planet. And we are going through a profound shift. Old structures are crumbling and new, networked models are emerging that allow for greater collaboration, better engagement of people’s gifts and talents, easier workflows, and more authentic relating.

The structures and processes in these new models “lift” people’s capacities to collaborate, learn, innovate, perform and grow.

Research by Bob Kegan and Lisa Lahey at Harvard suggests that “not only is attention to the bottom line and the personal growth of all employees desirable, but the two are interdependent.” The companies they study have achieved remarkable growth, way ahead of their competitors. They call them deliberately developmental organizations. Both profitability and individual development are built into every aspect of how these companies operates. “For this approach to succeed, employees must be willing to reveal their inadequacies at work – and the organization must create a trustworthy and reliable community to make such exposure safe.”

Research by Frederic Laloux offers similar findings. 

These findings are true to my own experience, as well.