As leadership scholar and pioneer Warren Bennis once shared, great leaders are good human beings. I am dedicated to helping leaders cultivate self-awareness and a strong inner compass, in service of something greater than ourselves. For me, it is on the journey to understand ourselves as humans that we begin to understand others: colleagues, partners, customers, shareholders and so on. That is, the vast array of stakeholders to whom we are accountable. Self-awareness is a first step to truly understand organizations and networks, which are made up of people.

The journey to powerful, authentic leadership begins with strong self-awareness — and it goes way beyond. In today’s volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world, we need leaders who know how to:

  • Build rapport and networks of trust,
  • Assess situations with both objectivity and wise intuition, and
  • Navigate change with the right approach for a given situation.

Leading in the 21st century also means:

  • Knowing when to lead, when to follow, when to oppose, and when to step back and observe.
  • Creating, more than reacting out of conditioned patterns.
  • Continuously learning – and having a wide repertoire of skills to match different contexts.
  • Understanding structure, processes, and systems and creating conditions for people to flourish.
  • Thriving amidst uncertainty and ambiguity, while being clear about direction.
  • Being both adaptive and decisive; seeing patterns and the impact of decisions on a whole system.

Sound like a lot? It is.  And in my experience, we all have this capacity within us. Leadership can be learned through basic practices. The journey involves disciplined practice, and the courage to experiment and take intelligent risks. It means renewing our commitment, over and over.

Where are you in your leadership journey? Where is your team? Your organization?

As a guide, I provide you a map through this territory. Together we go step-by-step. Together we craft an approach that meets the unique needs of your team and organization, drawing on some of the world’s most effective and innovative practices.