1:1 Coaching

You came into this life with a unique purpose and expression that nobody else can fulfill. As Martha Graham once noted: If you do not fulfill it, it is lost for all time.

What will you do with this one precious life? What gifts and talents can only you express? What is calling you forth? And what holds you back?

We work together to illuminate what is already deep inside you – your essence. The way I see it, your unique purpose and expression are continually unfolding. They reveal as you step into authenticity – and gradually let go of thoughts, behaviors, actions, and addictions that no longer serve. As the 19th century psychologist William James observed, “All our life … is but a mass of habits.” Often, old beliefs, loyalties and habits shroud our purpose, making it harder to see.

The trick is that up to 90 percent of our beliefs, loyalties, thoughts, behaviors and actions are unconscious. That is, the vast majority of our life is lived on automatic: the things that we think, say and do are habitual.

Often we don’t question our deeply-held assumptions and choices. Or we may assume that others understand, feel justified in our actions, and not notice the impact that we have. Or we may be aware of our habitual thoughts and behaviors, have a sincere desire to change, and yet we fall into the same hole again and again.

Very often, we cruise through life living other people’s values, purposes, fears and dreams — not our own.

So, what to do?